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PSH Environmental Ltd buy RAM II Baler

Lyndex Recycling Systems have supplied a twin ram baler to PSH Environmental Ltd of Norwich. The new Lyndex Ram II LT1222 Twin Ram Baler can strap bales of Refuse Derived Fuel at a rate of 25 tonnes/hour. Although the baler was specially designed for RDF, it can also process fibres, plastics, non-ferrous, tyres and MSW making it a versatile and efficient machine. The baler incorporated a Plastic Strapping Head which is designed for use with PET, the head is specially designed to provide protection from debris ingression and allow for easy maintenance. Working closely with PSH Environmental to achieve a successful outcome, provide them with a machine that would process their throughput and give them the facility to tie the bales with plastic strapping. Lyndex had no hesitation recommending their LT1222 which was originally developed for processing RDF. Currently, a lot of RDF baled waste is tied using steel wire. Plastic strap is around 50% cheaper and is also combustible. Due to this, it does not attract the Euro 3-5/bale premium that some EFW plants charge for processing steel wired bales.

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